443?  Where'd That Come From?

Now you’re wondering about the name – maybe not -- but here’s the story.


For the past few years I’ve thought about going out and doing consulting on my own.  Well, on August 1, 2009, 443 Consulting, LLC was born (www.443consulting.com).  


When I’ve thought about my interests and strengths I’ve often thought about my security expertise, ability to think strategically and my leadership style.  (yes, it is egotistical…but….why not?).  Anyway, as I look at the initials of SECURITY, STRATEGY, LEADERSHIP I come up with “SSL” which could also be the shorthand for Secure Sockets Layer.


Secure Sockets Layer is a form of encryption and data in transit protection that is usually represented by the small gold padlock you see on your browser when going to a secure site (https://).  Well, the virtual port for this communications is number 443.


So, with my Security, Strategy, and Leadership as SSL the name chosen is 443 Consulting.


Yes, it is GEEKY!  But it sure beats the boring name like “The Hayden Group.” ;-) -- I certainly don't want to compete with General Hayden!


Contact Us!

Ernie Hayden CISSP CEH GICSP(Gold) PSP


5603 Sugarloaf Street

Anacortes, WA  98221

+1 425.765.1400